​​​​​​In a great big, green garden down on Rollingbrook Way, twin bugs Pixie and Trixie were running outside to play.
They were known throughout their garden, by their friends big and small, as the adorable, brave twins, who were afraid of nothing at all! The bugs had all been best friends, for years, and what they knew to be true...
Was that they were each unique and special, just like me and just like you!

-Excerpt from bestselling book, PIXIE and TRIXIE BUG

Always wrapped up in fun adventures with twin bugs, Pixie and Trixie, are Lizzie, the Audrey Hepburn of ladybugs, Catrina the Caterpillar, who will turn into a beautiful butterfly in the fourth book. Freddy the Frog, who is dyslexic, getting help from his teacher, Miss Daisy Flower and his girlfriend, Lola. Delilah the Dragonfly, who runs into bushes and trees until she gets a pair of glasses from Doc Bum Bulbee. Gus the Grasshopper, a baseball star and Daphne the Doodlebug. She doesn't like bright lights and loud music, not one bit at all! Wheelie the Walking Stick, who uses a wheelchair named Flower Power to get around, Sidney the Slug and Squirm the Worm Pardon, the twins oldest friend in all of the garden. 

The PIXIE AND TRIXIE BUG series of books teach kids sensitivity, tolerance, and acceptance. Through the rhyming written word and vibrant, gorgeous illustrations, the books also remind kids to embrace diversity, celebrate their uniqueness and the power of friendship and love.

Meet Children's Author Lauri B. Rosen

​Pixie and Trixie Bug was Lauri's writing debut. Following her dream, Lauri was the owner of Children's Chapters, a children's bookstore. After the closing of her children's bookstore after a six year run, she decided to follow another dream... writing her own children's books and the Pixie and Trixie Bug series was born! Newly released, Pixie and Trixie Bugs Birthday Surprise, the second in the series, visits the same creative, rhyming text and vibrant illustrations and the same best bug friends in the imaginative garden down on Rollinbrook Way. It's another story of the bugs, who remain as close as can be... What will Lauri's bugs do next, you ask? You'll have to wait and see!